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Kleekbots turns your Mindstorms robot into a sophisticated Internet tele-presence robot.

Kleekbots Takes Mindstorms into the New Digital Age
Kleekbots is a website that lets you connect your Mindstorms robot to the Internet within minutes and turn it into a sophisticated tele-presence robot.

Deeply Social and Integrated with the Web and Modern Mobile Devices
With Kleekbots, your Mindstorms robot can stream live video to let you see and control it over the Internet from any web browser. It can be controlled from iPhones, Androids and other smart phones and tablets. It can be shared and played with in real-time via Email, SMS as well as between Facebook friends.

Kleekbots also lets your robot update your Facebook wall in the same way that games do. It has video and chat stream recording features built-in so you can record and share those in two clicks.

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Kleekbots. Internet Tele-Robotics for Mindstorms